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Yes, I know. It has been a long time since I last posted. A little more then two weeks. So here goes some updates about what’s going on. Explanation about the title goes below…

12/01 Moved from Hamilton, ON to Vancouver, BC, Canada – Wow! Lovely city! Fortunately I only had a few rainy days, and more then 5 open sky days. This is very unusual here. Everybody said: Vancouver??!?! Don’t forget your umbrella (which I did!), Vancouver is a rainy city!

If you don’t know, I’m here to improve my English language skills… So far so good. I got into a very high level at the English School (VanWest College) and also choose for a Business English Course, which is very challenging!! I already made some good friends from all over the world (Mexico, Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Quebec, Taiwan, Germany and so on)

I never had a lot of opportunities to talk and live in an English only environment. I did have (and like) to read a lot of technical texts in English for work (or pleasure?), but talking, hearing and writing (want to help me? check on the end of this article!) are quite new skills to play with.

Tuesday 29th Jan around 12:00 AM (western time) my fiance will arrive here, also to study English. Until this date, here is almost perfect. After, will be definitely perfect!! :)

The reason of the title is because I have to choose a Hockey team. I already have a hat from the Canadiens Hockey (Go Habs!!)… and here, the main hockey team is the Canucks… So from now on, those will be my hockey teams. One from the East and the other one from West. That’s it! Perfect :P

If you are in Vancouver or nearby, let me know… Ubuntu Hardy Heron is coming, and for sure I’ll try to motivate our Ubuntu Vancouver Fellows to make a party! We can hang out like I did with our Ubuntu Toronto good fellows!

PS: I am learning the English language! Feel free to correct any word or sentence you find here and put it on the comments. Believe: you will help me a lot! Thank you!

EDIT: Thank you, Lazlo, for the English corrections!

9 Responses to “Some updates: Go Canucks!”

  1. ryan

    Excellent choice in hockey teams! Those are my two! Vancouver because I grew up here but montreal for my heritage and for their excellence. Sometimes it is also okay to cheer for ottawa senators. By default, liking those two teams makes you a mortal enemy with any toronto maple leafs fan. Remember that anyone you met in hamilton is now potentially your enemy :P

    While you’re here you should take time to do some outdoors stuff. Come spring-time i recommend hiking up the grouse grind. Bring a camera for when you get to the top.

  2. Laszlo

    “a few rainy days” not “a few raining days”
    “live in an English only environment” not “live on an English only environment” (maybe in/on was just a typo).
    When referring to a hockey, or almost any group of people, you usually use “the” in front. So you would say “a hat from the Canadiens” instead of “a hat from Canadiens”. Same thing with “the main hockey team is the Canucks” instead of “the main hockey team is Canucks”.

    I can find only those small errors, so your English is much better.
    Cheers Duda!

  3. John

    Although your meaning is clear, I would say this sounds clumsy in English: “Until this date, here is almost perfect. After, will be definitely perfect!!”

    A better way to put this might be: “So far this place seems almost perfect. After that, it will be truly perfect!”

    “Believe: you will help me a lot!” should probably be “Believe me: you will help me a lot!”

    Languages are beautiful things, probably our finest creations. I would love to learn more myself! Congratulations on your college place.

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